February 1998

Galilea 2000 is constituted as an NGO.



Galilea 2000 is constituted as C.A. in February 1998.

Albergue Fray Antonio Alcalde was founded on June 6, 2000 with the loan of a farm owned by the Municipality of Guadalajara, years later it became OPD and Galilea collaborates since 2002 with supplies for the three daily meals of the sick and their relatives, as well as medicines and other supplies that are directly delivered to the beneficiaries.

In 2008 the Casa Galilea was founded, where attention is given to terminally ill and transplanted patients and the Casa Nazareth, where care is provided to sick children.                  

The kitchen and dining area of the "Las Cuadritas" Fray Antonio Alcalde Shelter were enlarged and remodeled to guarantee the hygiene of the food of the 3,500 monthly beneficiaries.              

In 2010 INTERACT center of Autism is supported by the house where the activities of the Institution are carried out.

In 2011, a new shelter called Albergue Casa San Andrés was built.  In 2012, the "Compartamos" program was developed for comprehensive support in relation to food health and changes in habits.

In 2013 the program “Immi” was borne for the sick with cancer

In 2014, the "Apadríname" program was created to link society in general with sick children in extreme need and an Institutional vehicle was purchased with the support of the Continental company.

In 2015, permanent programs are strengthened with inter-institutional support and alliances that strengthen us with their knowledge like Cruz Rosa and Salvati.

In 2016 a estate is acquired to offer empowerment and recreation workshops for the sick and their families called "Mesón de la Esperanza". They also start offering services to other shelters like Mano Amiga and el Buen Samaritano, inviting them to receive support in our Programs.

On March 14, 2017, we received the First Place for the "Fray Antonio Alcalde Award for Humanitarian Merit" awarded by the Municipality of Guadalajara.

In August of 2017 we completed one year of services with the "Integralia" program that follows up on cases within third-level hospitals and comprehensive tanatological accompaniment to those who have lost their health.

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