Permanent programs in Galilea 2000 C.A. 

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In Galilee 2000 C.A. We have several programs to provide comprehensive support to the sick and their families who live in Nazareth, Casa Galilea and Casa San Andrés homes and other hostels in the Sanctuary area.


"Compartamos" program where we look for the improvement in the alimentary habits of the beneficiaries and in which we provide a pantry per family on a monthly basis when returning to their homes.


Support to patients suffering from cancer with our "Immi" program, providing help in their treatments, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, wigs, prostheses, sleeves, etc. In this program we have the support of "Verde a la Mexicana" with its product with cause "Immi deodorant natural".


Emergent help for sick babies and children. Tanatological accompaniment for them and their families.

Andemos Juntos

"Let's walk together" program that supports the mobility of patients requiring wheelchairs, walkers and crutches, also supports patients with kidney failure in some of their conditions.


"Integralia" da apoyo emergente a pacientes y familiares en extrema pobreza ubicados dentro de Hospitales de Tercer Nivel con articulos de higiene, sueros, suplementos y acompañamiento tanatológico.

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Since 1998 we serve to our beneficiaries by providing support to children, adults and elders.

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We look for new benefactors to support the emerging needs of sick children.

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