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Immi is a program that provides support and shelter to cancer patients. One of our main allies and benefactors is the Verde a la Mexicana brand that produces the first product with a cause for Galilea 2000 C.A.

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Immi is a comprehensive program

Immi is a comprehensive program
Since 2014, Galilea 2000 A.C. has developed a program that seeks to serve all areas of the person, therefore, Immi takes care of the physical part of the person, supporting the patient with their medications.
But we also want to take care of the emotional part, so important in the development of the immune system. To this end, a series of workshops have been created that empower the group, such as the reading workshop, handicrafts, physical activity, aromatherapy, physiotherapy, prayer circle, sewing workshop and tanatological accompaniment.
In August of this year we started a healthy anti-cancer feeding project that includes juices, gelatins, alkaline water and constant nutritional training as a tool for our beneficiaries.
Ambar Delgado, Chief of Social Work, is in charge of supervising the delivery of supports and all the help management to the patient and his family member.

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Since 1998 we serve to our beneficiaries by providing support to children, adults and elders.

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